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The Lantern Tree - 8x10 Art Print - Quill and Crown

The Lantern Tree - 8x10 Art Print

The Lantern Tree - 8x10 Art Print



The Lantern Tree is a mysterious place of great beauty. It towers above strangely serene waters not far from the shore. There stands at its base a lone figure, berobed in dark cloth, bearing a glowing rod of flame eternal. Each evening the Keeper of the Flame ascends by machinations unseen and lights anew the many glittering lanterns hung from the boughs above. Singular in his devotion he speaks not, hears not, and acknowledges no passersby, lest they disturb the tree and its waters. Thus by his vigil the tree remains alight for passing wanderers to be so guided through the blackness of night.

8x10 art print from pen and ink drawing - Shipped flat.